PRAGUE, Czech Republic as a Gay Destination?

While Prague is a well-known, interesting and varied gay destination to visit with a wide variety of attractions, it is not such an obvious or traditional gay/friendly city as Berlin, Amsterdam or Barcelona. Read on and you may be sufficiently surprised to make Prague your next priority gay holiday destination city. Generally Prague is the sixth most popular European tourist city to visit with more than 4.100.000 visitors a year; and Czech Republic with 6.680.400 tourists who’ve spent at least one night in a hotel (2008). (wikipedia)

Prague has a long and interesting history and more recently has become one of the most western of the former eastern communist countries. This means visitors cannot only enjoy the usual mix of international/local shops, restaurants and attractions but also still see some older traditional habits, shops and bars. Also prices vary quite a bit from the touristy hot spots to the local cheap back street bars where you can still eat well for a few euros (a good lunch can cost 10-15 euros or 15-20 US dollars).

Let’s consider why you might want to put Prague nearer the top of your European Hot Gay City destinations to visit next time you take a City Break or have a week free.

Whatever your taste, interest or sexual preference, you can find it in Prague!

  • Beautiful czech boys/men mainly of Slavic/Germanic/Central European race (Thai/Vietnam can be met also)
  • Rent a young czech bodybuilder for the night (Homosexual sex is legalized since 1962। The age of consent 15.)
  • go to a men only leather/S&M bar/club during their special nude night – cruise the gay spots in local parks, swimming pools, gay dark rooms and cells 7 days a week!
  • enjoy the gay saunas in the company of other good looking visitors and sometimes czech models
  • dance the night away to the hottest DJs playing the latest House or Techno
  • watch the live nude oil show or paint in colours the hot boys dancing at another gay club – enjoy the live Strip and Sex shows with hottest czech male strippers
  • choose a hot czech masseur to give you a relaxing erotic massage – enjoy the FREE entry to 2 of the hottest gay clubs!
  • visit around 30 Gay Specialized and Gay Friendly Hotels, Clubs/Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Shops, Saunas in Prague
  • smoking marijuana is legal (Possession of small amounts for personal use)
  • widen your Cultural horizons by taking a Cultural Tour through Prague’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and gain the unforgettable experiences!
  • visit the gay church (not a big one yet but counts several dozen members)
  • book our Gay Friendly Guides to help and advice you about any aspect of the City of Prague and show you how to find all the listed delights!

Most gay visitors mingle easily and comfortably with the year-round tourists visiting this beautiful Central European city of 100 spires. The local Czech people are very easy going and tolerant of all types of race, age and sexual persuasion. Visitors seem to mix very easily and naturally with the locals unlike some cities where you feel a distinct separation and always feel or are treated like a stranger. Like many of the tourists the Czechs also love to relax, party into the late hours and drink lots of beer (Budweiser, Gambrinus, Staropramen etc.) – czech beer is some of the best and cheapest in Europe!

While there is a definite gay area centred in Prague 2, there are many gay or gay friendly bars, saunas and clubs throughout the city. Rather than one concentrated gay area or strip, there are places frequented by gays all over the city giving one the feeling that gays are well integrated into Prague life and accepted rather than focused on one small area or several clubs/bars. Often you will see obvious gay couples walking hand in hand or even kissing and very few people will turn their heads or show any disapproval. This can be seen in all parts of the city. There is a local saying that no Prague boys are 100% straight and many have or will agree to some gay fun or experiences when in the right mood or atmosphere! Certainly many of the escorts working in several clubs and areas near the station are mainly straight and see any contacts they make as ‘business’ only.

Even the more well known and busy gay night hot spots in Vinohrady which also have quite a few straight couples and women so you never feel you are in a men only 100% gay environment. They are frequented by quite a wide age range and social/ethnic mix also and there are always some tourists as Prague never stops receiving visitors year-round. You will nearly always hear a mix of English, German, Russian, Spanish and other languages when out in restaurants or clubs and most Czechs appreciate how hard their language is for foreigners so will often help out anyone having problems communicating.

So as a gay visitor to this city you can enjoy it’s rich history, culture and traditions by day (also many excellent Walking Tours, excursions to nearby places, and specialist theme tours like Art Nouveau Architecture Tour, Jewish History Tours , Historic Prague Cafes Tour etc.); and its varied gay friendly night life. If you are looking for cute Czech models that you may have seen in BEL AMI films you can either go to specialist pick up and escort venues (or for something a bit more risqué, the rent boys in the station and park), or simply keep a look out as you walk around the city! There are almost no homophobic young people who would be offended if you approached them but as always be careful and watch your belongings!

Why not allow me to organise a longer combo city tour to neighbouring gay friendly cities like Berlin, Vienna or Budapest? All have excellent local transport like Prague (cheaper than in all the western European capitals) and can also be explored extensively on foot.

Happy hunting and hope to see you in our beautiful year-round city soon. Remember to play safe and keep your money safe while travelling!


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