Prague’s gay life can be described in very few sentences or many long pages with meticulous details of all it’s aspects, advantages and disadvantages. The Czech Republic is considered to be one of the most liberal Central Europe countries in regards to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights.  Czech society is liberal and open minded, perhaps becouse the church never had much influence within the society. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and an important gay centre in Central-Eastern Europe, currently there are over 30 gay places. I’ll start describing the Gay Life in Prague with some historical facts.


Homosexual sex was legalized in 1962. The age of consent was equalized in 1990 (15, before it was 18 for homosexuals). The Army doesn’t question the sexual orientation of soldiers, and allows homosexuals to serve openly. Homosexual prostitution was decriminalized in 1990.

There is some legal recognition of same-sex couples. Domestic Partnership (unregistered cohabitation) has been available since 2001.  A plan for registered partnerships (civil unions), with some of the rights of marriage, was rejected four times, in 1998, 2001, 2003, and 2005. Later the President’s veto was overturned by the House of Representatives and the law came into force on 1 July 2006. Consequently, since this date, the Czech Republic offers civil unions for same-sex couples, with most of the rights of marriage. Prague is a liberal city where many gay Czechs choose to live.

A poll conducted in December 2006 found that the Czech Republic favored Same-Sex Marriage at 52%. This percentage number being above the European Union average of 44%, it is one of the few countries that consider same-sex marriage as a likelihood. If legalized, the Czech Republic would be the first Slavic-speaking nation to grant such civil rights.


  • The legal minimum age of consent (for heterosexual and homosexual relations alike) is 15 years (if no money is involved).
  • It is an offence to expose a minor  (under 18) to the “danger of depravation” by enabling him an “idle or indecent life” or by seducing him into such a life (Art. 217 CC; two years jail). According to the case-law the “danger of depravation” must be the result of an intensive longer-lasting behaviour by the perpetrator causing in the youth habits, preferences and interests leading to his moral decline and to his inability to lead an independant life.
  • Prositution and promotion of prositution is legal, if the prostitute is at least 18 years old.
    Homosexuality is considered a taboo by the majority of the population.
  • There are no laws concerning tourists with HIV/AIDS.

There are some famous phrases and proverbs about Prague’s gay scene like:

  • The difference between a straight guy and a gay guy is 4 pints of czech beer” (some say 2, others: more than 4)
  • Nobody in Prague is completely straight“. (some say : everybody is at least  bisexual)
  • Prague – The Capital of European gay porn industry”  (“Bel Ami”, “Higgins” etc.) (czech and slovak boys)
  • The “Czech Boys” brand and a separate category in porn movies, men types. (czech and slovak boys)
  • A quote by Jaroslav Tysl (a photographer for Amigo and MAXXX magazines) I’d say the number of heterosexuals in Czech gay porn films is close to 80 percent”.


The first successful gay Pride in Czech Republic took place in Brno (capital of Moravia region) (the second largest city in Czech Republic) on 28th of june 2008 under the name “Rainbow Pride”.  Once someone announced a Gay Pride in Prague and started to sell party tickets, but it never happened. He was French-American and told everyone he was working for CNN. If in the future there will be a Gay Pride organized in Prague, I’ll publish the information here.


The Czech Gay and Lesbian Film festival ‘Mezipatra’ is held annually in Prague and Brno (the second largest city of the Czech Republic). In November 2008 the STUD Brno association staged the 9th Czech gay and lesbian film festival.  The first two years 2000 and 2001 were held under the name Duha nad Brnem (The Rainbow over Brno). Since 2002 the festival has been entitled Mezipatra (Between the Storeys). “Mezipatra” presents a selection of gay themed movies brought from all over the world. The name not only alludes to the places where people run into each other but epitomises the modern world which is the meeting point of many different cultures, lifestyles and life stages.


The official gay social website which contains about 50.000 (fifty thousand) profiles total. About 10.000 users from Slovakia, 30.000 users from Czech Republic. The site is extremely popular between teenagers and men up to 30 years old. A disadvantage is that its entirely in czech and no other international language version is available. Also the number of fake profiles is extremely high which affects the credibility of the website. You can always try your luck 🙂

The number of gay clubs, bars, cafes, saunas and accommodations is permanently growing. Prague has about 8 gay dance/sex night clubs which are:

  • ON Club (Ex “Valentino”)
  • G Element (apparently closed)
  • Termix
  • Alcatraz (S&M*)
  • Drake’s (S&M*)
  • Escape To Paradise (escort)
  • Jampa-Dampa (lesbian)
  • Temple (escort).
    [* S&M = sadomasochism]


  • Cafe-Cafe
  • Friends
  • Piano Bar
  • Valentino bar
  • Celebrity Cafe
  • Saints
  • Termix bar
  • Jampa-Dampa bar
  • Fan Fan Club
  • Gulliver
  • Club 21
  • KU Bar
  • Latimerie
  • Monty (escort)
  • Cafe Muzeum
  • Paprsek Cafe & Club
  • Temple bar (escort)
  • Strelec
  • Tingl Tangl
  • 2 Real
  • U Rudolfa
  • Alex Bistro
  • Erra Bar


  • Babylonia
  • Bon Bon
  • David
  • Labyrinth
  • Marco


Prague is the City of 1000 Hotels (not  “1000 spires” as you could have heard [ correct version “City of 100 Spires”]) which offer a large choice of services and facilities. Pure gay pensions are: Villa Mansland, Nouvum Garden. Pure gay Apartments: Toucan Apartments.
Click on this link to see details : Accommodation In Prague


  • Park Letna (only from April till October)
  • Hlavni nadrazi (Main Railway Station, only for rentboys)
  • Podoli Swimming Pool (only during the summer at the nude sun bathing terrace and sauna)
  • Seberak Lake (nude bathing, only during the summer)
  • Sarka Lake (nude bathing, only during the summer)


Prague Gay Night : Bars & Clubs Tour (see the original link here)

We are starting the tour from the Old Town and walk in to FRIENDS gay Bar/Disco club. A cosy bar on one of the typical Prague streets that lead you in labyrinths in the Old Town district. With mixed crowd, groovy chilled dance beats form various Djs, friendly atmosphere, a wide projection screen. Then we go to ESCAPE TO PARADISE gay escort/bar/dance club. Striptease shows of horny czech boys will stimulate your fantasy and the Sex shows will make your heart beat intensively. After we go on to the Gay District of Prague: Vynohrady to check out LATIMERIE gay bar with a pleasant interior, mixed younger crowd, inexpensive drinks. After we go on into the very heart of the gay District of Prague where gay life boils! We check out the SAINTS gay bar with a pleasant atmosphere and international crowd. After Saints we go on to TERMIX gay bar/club. One of the oldest gay clubs in Prague with predominantly younger and international crowd, with a wide bar and a small dark rooms area. Vibrant hi-pitch popular hits music and house grooves. After Termix we continue our Prague Night Tour to one of the newest clubs: G ELEMENT gay dance club and bar. One of the nicest  and very modern, newly opened club, younger guys/men, but never crowded. After G Element we end up in the biggest Gay Club of Czech Republic : VALENTINO – 3 floors : 1 bar, 2 DanceFloors, 2 Dark Room areas. Here we enjoy a variety of drinks for very accessible prices, dance the night away and have more than just enough fun! The advantage of Prague gay scene and clubs is that most are free of entry fee ! Also there are more than 30 gay places : including: Bars, Clubs, Cafes, Pubs, Cinemas, Shops, Cruising Areas and Saunas. To check out all – we’ll need much more time than 1 night or day!
Starting Time: from 22.00 pm (latest from 01.00 am)
Duration: 3 to 4hrs.
Price: 2000 Kc

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