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Gay Czech Republic, History and Facts

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GAY Czech Republic, History and Facts

It is common for Czechs to talk of a long tradition of democracy and tolerance, and it may be true that Czech homosexuals have fared better over the years than many of their west European counterparts. Even in the darker periods of history, the state has often been too busy with political repression to concern itself overmuch with sexual orientation. Same sex relations were decriminalised in Czechoslovakia in 1962. Now the age of consent for everyone is 15.

Official Positions and public attitudes have improved since 1989 (The Velvet Revolution). Public awareness and media attention have shown a steady increase, but this sometimes tends to a salacious curiosity rather than sympathy (wings, rings and other things). However, open hostility and “queer bashing” are almost unknown. Step by step the old socialist atmosphere and Czech mentality has changed and the city of Prague updated to become one of the most westernised of the former Soviet Union controlled cities of Eastern Europe with consolidating democracy, evolving economy and relatively low prices for services and goods. The long-waited “Sexual Revolution” came here bringing more and more sexual freedom to Czechs.

In the Soviet days it was hard to live an open gay life and although there were a few meeting and cruising places like the Main Station, Letna and Sarka Parks, a few lakes and the Podoli Swimming pool. Today openly gay public figures have almost no impact on public life, even in artistic circles, however, according to a survey (CVVM Poll) Czech are actually one of the most sexually free-minded nations in the EU.

The Army doesn’t question the sexual orientation of soldiers, and allows homosexuals to serve openly. Homosexual prostitution was decriminalized in 1990. Czech Republic offers registered partnerships (registrované partnerství) for same-sex couples from July 1, 2006 . By June 2009, 780 registered partnerships had been concluded in the Czech Republic. The total number of HIV infected people living in Czech Republic by (est 2008) is only 2500, which is 0,02% rate for country (between the lowest in the world). Comparing with South Africa which has most infected people: 5.700.000 (11,7% of total population).

Today Prague has a rich gay culture blooming and has more than 30 places of gay interest including gay shops, gay cafes, gay saunas, gay bars, gay discos/night clubs and gay hotels.

Prague Gay Pride

The first successful gay Pride in Czech Republic took place in … Brno (capital of Moravia region) (the second largest city in Czech Republic) on 28th of june 2008 under the name “Rainbow Pride”.  Once someone announced a Gay Pride in Prague and started to sell party tickets, but it never happened. He was French-American and told everyone he was working for CNN. If in the future there will be a Gay Pride organized in Prague, I’ll publish the information here.

Gay Film Festival in Czech Republic

The Czech Gay and Lesbian Film festival ‘Mezipatra’ is held annually in Prague and Brno (the second largest city of the Czech Republic). In November 2008 the STUD Brno association staged the 9th Czech gay and lesbian film festival.  The first two years 2000 and 2001 were held under the name “Duha nad Brnem” (The Rainbow over Brno). Since 2002 the festival has been entitled Mezipatra (Between the Storeys). “Mezipatra” presents a selection of gay themed movies brought from all over the world. The name not only alludes to the places where people run into each other but epitomises the modern world which is the meeting point of many different cultures, lifestyles and life stages.

The official gay social website which contains about 50.000 (fifty thousand) profiles total. About 10.000 users from Slovakia, 30.000 users from Czech Republic. The site is extremely popular between teenagers and men up to 30 years old. A disadvantage : the website its entirely in czech and no other international language version is available. Also the number of fake profiles is extremely high which affects the credibility of the website. Anyway, you can always try your luck.

Sex Tourism and Gay Escorts in Prague

Along with the growth of sex bars and clubs and number of prostitutes in the 1990’s, came a parallel growth in the number of gay places and soon Prague also developed a reputation as one of the most open and attractive cities to visit for LGBT community with a rich and unrepressed Gay Scene. With this background it is not surprising that Prague soon became also one of the most liberal and visited cities of central Europe with a high percentage of sex tourism: average 15% (1990-2000), 27% (2000-2009).

Also Czech boys gained an international reputation not only for their attractive appearance but also for their willingness and flexibility when meeting gay tourists and visitors. For some extra money and fun many straight guys who were not really escorts could be persuaded to engage in some gay escapades. On entering many gay bars or rent boy premises it would be common to be approached by one or more boys and be asked if you wanted “business” meaning sex for money, etc.

After 2000 things slowed down and as Prague became more affluent and youngsters leaving school or university had other options and ways to make a reasonable living, less turned to looking for gay business and a quick buck. Also some of the more professional and attractive models who had also maybe starred in the porn business (BEL AMI Films, William Higgins Films etc.) or were offered a new life in richer countries like the US or West Europe by their wealthier gay visitors.

Having said that there is still quite a variety of bohemian gay places to visit and a selection of nice guys if you are prepared to spend the time and a bit more money! I am sure you will find Prague youngsters or czech muscle men just as easy going, charming and relaxed as before even if you have to be less shy and make more of an effort to approach and find them.